Puri is known for its majestic beach and shrines. A 15 kms drive from Puri leads to the exuberant Raghurajpur village. About hundred plus Patachitra artistan families nestle in this village. The craft is practiced by almost every single family living in this village. Each house that you visit has murals adorned on its walls.

hand-painted-patachitra-kurta_vipakka Here's How Vipakka is Promoting Women Empowerment of Raghurajpur Village
So, what is this craft all about? Well, Patachitra is all about painting on a piece of cloth. Might sound simple but isn’t really so. The art owes its roots to Orissa. Patachitra is the art of conveying mythological stories and folklores. The subject of this art usually revolves around the divine trio-Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subadhra. It takes a month of toil to derive a Patachitra!
The youngsters of this village grow up looking up to their parents working on this beautiful craft. Hence, from a very young age they are inclined towards this form of Art. Patachitra is quite the attraction for tourists who travel from across the world to the state of Orissa.

Traditionally, only men practiced this art but with the time advancing, women have also started briskly participating in making this intricate work of art. Gradually, It paved a way for the talented and fierce women of this village to portray their finesse to the world through their art and enabled them to live a life of dignity. They have proven that nothing can stop them. The Patachitra art has fetched them not only national recognition but international recognition as well.

handpainted-patachitra-kurta_vipakka Here's How Vipakka is Promoting Women Empowerment of Raghurajpur Village

Vipakka by Mitali, has been able to recognise and tap the immense potential of the women of Raghurajpur village. We have been actively empowering women artisans through our widest range of apparel, accessories and home decor collections.

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pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Here's How Vipakka is Promoting Women Empowerment of Raghurajpur Village