Blue Pottery is one of most popular and highly recognized art form from the city of  Jaipur. Although the origin roots backs to Turko-Persian. The use of cobalt blue dye to color the pottery makes this art form more special. The motifs beautifully are decorated with animals, birls, blooming flowers etc. The colour palette is restricted to blue derived from the cobalt oxide, green from the copper oxide and white, though other non-conventional colours, such as yellow and brown are sometimes included.

The blue pottery has a unique appearance due to the special dough that is used to craft the materials. The dough is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) , borax, gum and water. You will be surprised to learn that , this is the only pottery that doesn’t use clay. The pottery is used to produce decorative items and jewelry.

The process of making blue pottery is highly complex and time consuming. The dough is prepared by mixing the five ingredients in their appropriate proportion. The products are designed and left to dry using the right technique. Then comes the cleaning , shaping of the products followed by polishing. The product is then dipped in a solution of quartz powder, edible flour, powdered glass and water. Once dried, the design is made with a solution of cobalt oxide and edible gum. The coloring is done with other metal oxides to get the final look.

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