Dokra is a more than 5000-year old metal casting technique and well known for its simplistic design with spiral motifs. Dokra is also called as Dhokra and named after the Damar tribe of West Bengal. The tribe is well known as the original maker of the dokra jewelry.

The art of Dokra Jewellery making is passed down from one generation to another with the most creative way to use motifs of gods and goddesses, floral shapes and rustic designs.

Vipakka_dokra-necklace-collections2 Reinventing The Beauty Of Dokra

We as a brand collaborate and work with tribal artists to reinvent the design and on a mission to make the art form popular among the modern day customers. At Vipakka, we are working with finest craftsmen to give Dhokra Jewellery a stylish and international makeover that goes brilliantly with both ethnic and international style.

Vipakka’s dokra collections are carefully crafted and has the rustic charm of tribal jewellery in the form of elegant designs.

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