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Wear A Story

Vipakka is the manifestation of Mitali Madhusmita’s love for traditional art forms. Her motive is bring back to life, the dying and cornered regional art works, which have been a part of the Indian culture for centuries. The 21st century is headed towards a phase of absolute revolution, not only in the context of politics but also fashion. Mitali wishes to fuse the modern era along with the ancient times through her sensational and unique collection of jewelleries, sarees and other clothing accessories amidst many other things.  Vipakka is the result of not only the artist, but also the rural craftsmen working along with her to devise designs that are out of the box. The company started around five years ago, and revolves around Dhokra, Pattachitra and other similar native forms of art.

Driven by passion, entranced by vision, baffled by creation, consumed with beauty and inspiration, Mitali intends to set Vipakka on the path to success and provide people with designs that will leave them with a sense of awe.


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