Diwali is not only the celebration of lights, but also it brings us the perfect occasion to exchange gifts with our loved ones.

Now that Diwali is almost here, we list down 5 awesome stuffs that would make gifting easier for you.

  1. Exclusive Handcrafted Cotton and Silk Yarn Saree – Extraordinary Handloom Cotton comes with outstanding Pattachitra Paintings. The new collection has it all. Just INR 4500

Check out the collection here – https://goo.gl/3bQ8Rs

2.  Dokra Jewelry – Vipakka’s dokra collections are carefully crafted and has the rustic charm of tribal jewellery in the form of elegant designs.

Check out the full collections here – https://goo.gl/uBKzy1

3. Ahimsha Silk Sarees With Pattachitra Pallu – The designs are Intricately painted and visually stunning, they narrate tales from Lord Krishna’s Raas Leela.

Check out the collection here – https://goo.gl/3bQ8Rs

4. Handcrafted Dokra Anklets –  Anklets are an integral part of women’s adornment in the Indian culture. This anklet is made with brass beads, using Dhokra technique.

Check out the collection here – https://goo.gl/nZwRx1

5. Hand-painted Stone Necklace – The exclusive collection of stone necklaces are carefully cut and hand painted by finest of artisans.

Check out the collection here – https://goo.gl/BuhRGW


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